2020 Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon
also featuring
Foster Swift Half Marathon
Pepsi Zero Sugar Marathon Relay

October 18, 2020

CHANGING TO VIRTUAL See OPTIONS BELOW if you’re already registered.


NOTE: We’re not updating every page of the website–we still plan to use all that info next year, so all the stuff pertaining to our Virtual year is located right here.

REGISTRATION: If you’re transferring your original registration to one of the virtual events, DO IT AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE please so we can count on how many shirts we need.
PACKET PICKUP TENTATIVE PLANS!! Right now, we’re planning on having at least a couple of in-person packet pickup times for two or three hours each. We’re working on the details to make this as easy as possible for everybody. IF YOU ARE FROM OUT OF TOWN: We’re going to mail your packet so you have it before October 18.
IF YOU REGISTER AFTER OCTOBER 10, Your race packet may not be available until the 25th. We’ll update the website regularly with status.
YOUR RACE PACKET will include your bib, shirt, socks, buff, medal.
REPORTING YOUR TIME There will be reporting of your time on our RunSignUp registration site, available between September 30 and October 25. Go to the registration site, find your record, and submit your time. MORE SPECIFIC INFORMATION AVAILABLE SOON
PRIZES There aren’t age group awards. but we do have some great prizes. For four weeks, we will award prizes to the fastest pace and slowest pace for both the male and female categories submitted each week. Are you going to end up somewhere in between? No worries! We will also randomly draw two names from the finishers for that week.
We will also have overall winners for:
Best “Why I run and what’s kept me motivated during the pandemic?” story! (SUBMIT IT HERE)
Best on course selfie – Go take a photo of you running somewhere on the GRM course! (SUBMIT IT HERE)
Best race swag photo – Take a photo with your race swag when it arrives! (SUBMIT IT HERE)
(Note: these SUBMIT IT HERE links don’t work yet. I’ll activate them when we have it nailed down.)
RANDOM PRIZES Every Monday between now and the end of October, I’ll download all the Virtual registrations and select two of them for some of our gear from past events. You don’t have to do anything but be registered as a virtual participant and look as pretty as you are.


Free deferral to 2021

Transfer to the virtual marathon or half-marathon and receive 50% off of the 2021 race (SEE FAQ PAGE FOR HOW TO DO THIS)

Transfer to any event at Groundhog Day Marathon 2021

Donate any of extra proceeds from your registration to our charities

New registration is available for the Virtual Marathon or Virtual Half Marathon, with or without a 50% discount for 2021. See our registration page for details. 
All the options for changing your registration are documented on our FAQ page.
The virtual events will include Bib, Shirt, Socks (of course!), Medal and the above mentioned Buff-style masks.
You’ll be able to complete your virtual marathon or half marathon any time between September 30 and October 25. (Yeah, about 26.2 days.)


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2020 Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon
also featuring
Foster Swift Half Marathon
Pepsi Zero Sugar Marathon Relay

October 18, 2020


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RESULTS  Race results


Founded in 2004, the Grand Rapids Marathon delivers a fun, highly personal, authentic race experience, particularly for runners who value a well-organized, personal experience over the chaotic, crowded fields of “big city” races through ”concrete canyons.”

We are a race that supports every runner – no one is a stranger on our course – celebrates every individual accomplishment and embodies the spirit of friendship and community that is so unique to running.


Half Marathon
Kids Marathon
Marathon Relay
Join Us for the 15th Annual Grand Rapids Marathon — October 21, 2018

The Champions


Griffin Bohannon, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, 2:25:17
David Mart, Zeeland, Mich., 2:26:41
Ryan Greutman, South Bend, Ind., 2:26:46
Justin Gillette, Goshen, Ind., 2:27:44
David Mart, Zeeland, Mich., 2:27:55
Brendan Molony, Kalamazoo, Mich., 2:28:22
Mike Camilleri, Howell, Michigan, 2:31:13
Brendan Molony, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 2:31:15
Chuck Engle, Dublin, Ohio, 2:31:47
Erik Bush, Warrenville, Ill., 2:32:47
Erik Bush, Warrenville, Ill., 2:34:11
Jimi Minnema, Jenison, Mich., 2:39:34
Nick Zendler, Garden City, Mich., 2:42:27
Katie Jazwinski, Dexter, Mich., 2:44:59
Amber Brunmeier, Holland, Mich., 2:49:53
Jessie Lair, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2:51:39
Lauren Kersjes, Chicago, Illinois, 2:52:42
Kylen Cieslak, Chicago, Ill., 2:53:40
Lana Lazaridis, Schaumburg, Ill., 2:57:31
Angela Swain, Evanston, Illinois, 2:57:56
Dani Steinbacher, Ann Arbor, Mich., 2:58:12
Debra Gormley, St. Paul, Minn., 2:58:39
Hannah Norton, Union City, Mich., 2:58:51
Kristin Walstad, Plainwell, Mich., 2:58:58
Janet Becker, Grand Rapids, Mich., 3:00:29
Laura Kennedy, Lake Forest, Ill., 3:01:30
Heather Baas, Chicago, Ill., 3:15:58
Jeff Scovill, 2:31:14, Minneapolis, Minn.


Emmanuel Korir, Grand Rapids, Mich., 1:07:57
Jesse Kleinjan, Chicago, Ill., 1:09:38
John Gries, East Lansing, Michigan, 1:09:51
Samuel Parlette, White Lake, Michigan, 1:10:14
Tad Hulst, Zeeland, Mich., 1:10:20
Kenneth MacDonough, Novi, Mich., 1:10:46
Nicholas Liversedge, Lowell, Mich., 1:12:03
Jesse Kleinjan, Chicago, Ill., 1:12:50
Robert Breit, Morton Grove, Ill., 1:13:47
Trevor Oseland, Holland, Mich., 1:14:20
Daniel Garza, Dearborn, Michigan, 1:14:46
Joanna Stephens, Rockford, Michigan, 1:16:01
Ryan Hackett, Shepherd, Mich., 1:17:31
Racheal Marchand, Chesterton, Ind., 1:19:47
Paige Boldt, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1:20:02
Nicole Michmerhuizen, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1:20:09
Henry Hofman, Grandville, Mich., 1:20:12
Hannah Norton, Union City, Mich., 1:20:30
Kylen Cieslak, Livonia, Mich., 1:20:33
Paige Boldt, Grand Rapids, Mich., 1:21:29
Jessica Graf, Fremont, Mich., 1:21:50
Andrea Hutchins, St. Joseph, Mich., 1:23:55
Julia Viel, Mentor, Ohio, 1:24:19
Mary Toohill, Davenport, Iowa, 1:24:21
Jami Grant, Kewadin, Mich., 1:25:20
Laurie Decker, Cadillac, Mich., 1:26:26
Elizabeth Hager, Grand Rapids, Mich., 1:30:59
Jordan Lafreniere, Warrenville, Ill., 2:32:47